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RM125 2000 RM125 is Idling EXTREMELY high after clutch rebuild.

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So I recently rebuilt my RM125’s clutch. I did everything to spec and made sure everything was good and fine in the clutch. I put it back together and it seemed all good until I kicked it over. It started idling extremely high. Like WAYY too high, it sounded like one second more and it was gonna explode. 

So I went into the carburetor, checked ALL of the jets, made sure they were clear. I noticed my idle in the carburetor was too open. So I adjusted it to spec. I kicked it over again and it’s still idling too high. The air boots are tight, not ripped, no broken seals. The carburetors jets are clear, the idle of the carburetor has been fixed and everything else seems as it should, so what can be the issue here? 

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