Suspension Setup?

What's up, I am looking into getting new springs for my 2000 426 since I am tired of bottoming out hard and beating up my ankles.

I am 6'2" and I weigh 220lbs. so I need to go up in spring rate. According to a spring rate calculator I came across I should be using .48 fork springs and a 5.6 shock springs. Is this right? What springs are you heavier riders running?

I would like to eventually revalve my suspension but I can't afford that right now. Will the springs make a big difference or is a revalve a must? Your input is greatly appreciated....

Give Jeremy a call at MX-TECH in IL and tell him what you are thinking about doing. He can steer you in the right direction. Here's the link to the MX-TECH website.

MX-Tech Suspension

Good luck!

There may be easier ways to reduce bottoming. Raising fork oil height or even increasing compression. Of course, when your economy improves, revalving and new springs will be the answer.

Good luck,


Where did you find the spring rate calculator? Thanks.

Agree with Mark

I am 220 or was now 205 and still losing.

My 00 was the same; I reset the suspension to stock and started from there.

Oil Height is 125mm

Standard is 130mm

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The front is the only thing you may need to change the spring rate on. For MX intermediate level rider at 220 lbs. recommended rate is .48 with stock rear spring rate. I am with ego and Mark tho. Make sure everything is set correctly and raise the oil height 5mm at a time and go a couple of clicks harder on the compression clickers. Make sure you are landing most of the time with the nose down, if you are slapping the front end down on landings you will probably get bottoming even with stiffer springs.

I am 230 6'2" and I ordered .58's and a 5.6 from race tech. The fork springs didn't really help and I couldn't get the right static sag and race sag with the 5.6 shock spring. I sent the springs back and sent my suspension to Rick Johnson at Too Tech. He installed .59's and a 6.0 along with valving both ends. It took a 6.0 to get the correct sag and if you start with the correct springs you can always do the valving later and you won't need to buy new springs.

I agree with 98YZ on the landing nose down thing. I seem to have a much softer landing if I land slightly nose down.

Aside from that, I am between 220 and 180 (One of those yo yo deals) and can stop the springs from bottoming, even on gnarley jumps, by adjusting the compression dampening. I do notice that the ride on anything less than large whoops or a big jump is very harsh. Maybe the springs will help you out there?

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