adjusting vavles

Well after all I read here on TT about how easy it was to adjust the valves I now know it's not so. Maybe I'm just not mechanically inclined or something (I didn't think so) but this was a freakin' major job. I didn't usually open up everything to do regular maintenance before. Thank god for my bro-in-law. And Motoman393's website suggestions. Still I'm thinking next time I'll just take to the bike shop and let them do it. Has anyone else felt this way. I know that I had to do it to keep my bike in tip top shape but damn. Anyways I just had to gripe a little.

Yeah, I know exactly what you mean. But once you take it to the dealer the next time and receive the bill... I guarantee you will be thinking twice about doing it yourself the next time. :)

meangreen: Been there, done the saying goes. While I agree totally with you about this procedure not being simple, it shouldn't be all that difficult once you have a solid grasp of the steps. Personally, the first time I did it, I cursed me mum for giving birth to me, but the second time went much smoother. You might consider this slant, after you've mastered this maintenance procedure, you WILL be a much better mechanic . . . able to diagnose and repair your own machine quickly and adeptly. Also, you will become a "babe magnet" . . . so I'm told. I'm still waiting for it to happen to me.

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Maybe the babe magnet part hits later. Im still waiting...... :)

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