Oil change help needed

O.K. guys so I got my used replacement engine for my basket case 450 today. Bolted it in, filled it with oil and coolant and fired it up. Everything looks good, but I want to flush the oil out and put in new fresh good stuff. Here's where I need help. I ordered a manual for the bike, but I haven't got it yet so I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to changing oil on this beast. First one with the correct procedeure gets to be my hero for a day!!

1. get a big tub and put it onder the bike.

2. remove the skidplate.

3. locate the drainplug on the very bottom of the engine, its a 12m socket. remove it, dont lose the copper washer.

4. locate the 12mm bolt on the front of the downtube of the frame, the beefy part that is in front of the motor between the radiators. make sure the drain pan is under it, turn the handlebars all the way to one direction, remove the plug, oil will squirt out about 18 inches, so use a piece of cardboard or something so the oil doesnt spray all over your wheel and tire.

5. on the right side of the bik, just above and behind the water pump, locate the oil filter cover. it has two 8mm headed bolts holding it on, and a small allen head plug at the bottom of it. take off the two 8mm bolts, and pull out the old oil filter....and put in a new one.

6. right under the 2nd plug on the frame, there is a metal hose connected to a braided hose. there is a 24mm bolt that sticks into the frame, right under the drain plug. take the hose clamp off, then try to unscrew the 25mm bolt. if it frees up unscrew it and pull it out carefully, because there is a 3: metal screen attatched to it, spray it off with brake cleaner and inspect for debris.

7. reassemble, and top off with oil, capacity is about 1.75 quarts. the filler is on the top frame tube right in front of the fuel tank.

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