Did I get a deal or not?

About one month ago I bought a 2 month old 2002 yz426. I paid only $4,200. It was in mint cond. And came w/3 air filters 10 spark plugs, 10 oil filters brand new replica tim ferry gear, 2seat covers. Runs Perfect.

Yes, you got a deal. I paid more than that for an almost-new 01' 250F earlier this year. Nice find! :)

Definitely a deal IMHO.

Are you serious? I think you're just posting this to make the rest of us feel bad :)

Yeah, I'd say you got a deal...

If the machine turns out to be reliable, you've stumbled onto one heck of a deal! You got a sister that's single and available?

[ July 02, 2002: Message edited by: Boit ]

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