hinson vs. magnum baskets

i just destroyed my hinson clutch basket. it was grooved to hell. ive beent thinking about a magnum basket, but i dont know anyone with one of them. what do you guys think of vortex magnum baskets? anyone have them?

How much use did you get from the Hinson basket? What I'm getting at is, do you feel that the Hinson was durable? I upgraded to a Hinson and am very satisfied with the result.

Just as a point of info, Stormin Norman makes a basket that has replaceable inserts for the tabs. Once the inserts become grooved, you simply replace the inserts instead of the entire basket. The idea seems very sound. If you think about it, as long as the basket is structurally sound, the only reason to replace it is if the tabs(fingers) become notched. Stormin' addresses this problem in a logical and economical method. Once my Hinson becomes notched, I will switch to the Stormin' basket.

Also, a fellow TT'r gave this advice to make the clutch more pliant. When warming up your engine for the first ride of the day, hold in your clutch lever for about 30 with the engine running before snicking the transmission into 1st gear. By doing this, you allow oil to get in between the plates which will prevent that "grabby" sensation. It works!!

the hinson lasted longer than my stock, i got 5 rides outta my stock basket, and about 20 out of my hinson before i ripped 2 fingers off of it. that is a very short period of time. i was just wondering if anyone has used a vortex magnum basket, to see how they compare to a hinson. BTW, the stormin norman basket is cool howevr the fingers are less durable and more likely to snap off. they can be easily replaced, but a snapped finger can cause TONS of damage in the 426f. and thanks for the tip making my clutch work better.

Vanilla, this isnt a flame, but, what on earth are you doing to the clutch? My 2000 was raced by Dustin Nelson for a full season before I bought it and the basket was like new when I bought it. Ive run the livin heck out of it, still looks new! Whats up over there, or maybe there is another problem with the bike? The clutch basket should last almost forever on a thumper. Your really not supposed to have to use the clutch all that much on a fourstroke anyway.

If your having the problems your having, you may want to think about getting a new Hinson part and sending it to Stormin Norman and having it fitted for the little steel caps. It should be bullet proof at that point. Good luck.

i rave x-country in the expert class, run about 100 miles every other weekend, and my clutch and basket are still stock after 9 races and still look new..something is wrong if you are only getting 5 rides unless its 5 baja 1000 rides..are you slipping it?, the basket cant take the torque of the motor when slipping

Maybe its from the extra weight of him carrying that burning cross on the back of his bike.

im not rleally sure, img onna try a new basket and if i still have the problem i will look into it, and for wyatt, i dont have a burning cross onythe back of my bike ******* , so stick it!

Vanilla, I don't think you're ever going to quite get away from the Bubba comment... You think maybe your screen name isn't helping your cause??? A big white gorilla-what is that all about?

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