Ride Southern Africa - Anyone Interested???

Would anyone be interested in comming out to Swaziland, Botswana, Lesotho (Roof of Africa), Namibia to do some serious enduro trails ???

No noise, emmisions, blah blah blah restrictions to riding out here!

Seriously good fun!!!

enquiries welcome - please post enquires to my PM


DAMN, now that would be awesome. Now let me just see if my boss will let me off work for like a month and give me like $10,000 bonus. :)

isn't it like.......hot down there??? :)

Wouldn't that be like driving through one of the wildlife parks where you are caged in your car and the animals roam free.

Except, you have no cage!

Sounds cool, but I haven't found my millions yet to allow me to simply travel the world and ride.


Vhoomaha, I have been trying to get information about the sand dunes along the skeleton coast of Africa and the availability of riding there. Would you by any chance know about this?

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