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XR200 XR200R clutch won’t disengage

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Hi all. Recently just split the case on my 2002 XR200R after timing chain issues caused a lot of metal to go everywhere.

After putting it all back together my clutch will not disengage, as in if I put it in gear and pull the clutch it will not roll when off and if running it starts moving.

The clutch is almost brand new (not the basket though) and wouldn’t have more than 10 hours on it. The clutch lifter seems to function properly as there is tension on the lever and it moves the same distance as on my other XR200. I’ve tried adjusting the free play at the case with no success. 

Next I pulled the clutch out again and soaked the plates in oil for a few hours and inspected the clutch basket. There is light grooving on the basket but I didn’t think it was too bad and the clutch worked perfectly before I split the cases. 

I’m pretty certain I put it all back together properly as I have a manual and have done it multiple times now. The splined washer is there, friction disc is the first and last plate, ball bearing in the lifter plate is there, springs were new with the clutch. 

Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong with it and how to fix it? I’ve tried riding it and pulling the clutch and slamming the back brake with no success

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