xr600r head swap

Hey does any ofyou xr600r guys know if the xr600r cylinder head will fit on a xr250r, because they look the same in the pictures and I could use a head thats all I can find

Thanks Mike :thumbsup::awww::lol:

Sorry to dissapoint you bigbroncomike, but the 600 head definitely wont fit on any other model, let alone a 250. The combustion chamber surface is much larger (obviously being a 600) and it has 6 bolt-holes in different places to the 250's 4 bolt holes.

thank's for the info do you know if a 85 xr250r head fit on a 87

Thanks again Mike

No worries, the 85 head will be the twin carb head so it wont fit on the single carb 87 model. you may just have to source one from the wreckers or something

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