Stripped bolt and nut

Hey all,

Just finishing up on regreasing my swingarm bearings, and was reinstalling the bolt that attaches the rear shock to the relay arm, Im pretty sure i read the manual right(5-58), it says to tighten to 53Nm, but mine just kept on going and then went soft.... bugger. Did I stuff it, did i read it wrong? Im pretty sure my torque wrench is of good quality.

Maybe this can happen :thumbsup:

4.448 Newtons per Lb force means you only tighten it to 12 ft lbs. You cant strip that bolt and nut with that little torque. :thumbsup:

Is there any way to test a torque wrench?

send to someone who does instrument calibration. The only bolts I ever torque on my bikes are the head bolts. After you've been working on bikes for a while you get a 'feel' for whats right.

Ditto I use the "feel" method for everything but the engine internals. :thumbsup:

yer sounds like the way to do it, I could feel it was real tight, should of stopped, but its all a learning curve

My new bolt and nut is arriving in time for the weekend.

$14(aus) :thumbsup:

bit expensive but what can ya do

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