XRL needle?

For those of you who do use the Dynojet needle. I have the clip in the middle position with the washer underneath the clip therefor raising the needle the washer distance. I am also using the 165 D-jet main with a Power Bomb header and FMF Q pipe. The question I have is it runs strong all the way up but puffs out some black smoke on decel. Any suggestions?

On decel you throttle is closed so the needle should be bottomed out.Are you sure you have the retainer on properly.Are you sure it's not oil smoke? A 165 main sounds right .I went back to the stock needle shimmed(.040")on mine,i just felt it ran better.

Yeah, I have the retainer in good. I forgot it the first time and realized that after I had two screws in the cover already. The only thing I could think of was the fact the the Q uses a reduction insert in the end of the pipe and the smoke was just escaping after some pressure was relieved from the pipe.?? I might just take the shim back out as I don't feel or see any real improvement over just using the needle with the clip in the middle position. I was hoping to pick up some good midrange but that didn't seem to do anything.

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