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Hard enduro in the jungle, stuck at the bottom of a cliff

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This is the 2nd part of our trip in Mae Sariang, a small village in North Thailand. We started from the village and went west to the Burmese border (a big river called the Mae Salaween).

All easy trails following rivers and single tracks. On the way back, since things were going all too smoothly, we decided to "try" a new section based on a google satellite image showing a riverbed and some plantations along the river. There was a 2km gap between the end of the river of the next village, so we decided to give it a go and see how it would be.

Little did we know that the last 2km were hell (well the whole river trail was hell for me on a motocross bike haha).

Hope you enjoy the video:



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4 hours ago, Bark3rd said:

Can you send some villagers to hang around me during my next enduro? Lol, looks like a fun time. 

haha yeah there are always local hill tribe villages in the forest. Which is great in case you have bike issues, they're always willing and excited to help. I was walking up the cliff while they were pulling my bike up with ropes and I couldn't even keep up with their pace!

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3 minutes ago, Bark3rd said:

So you fly there form other countries with your bikes, live there, or what?


Based in Chiang Mai Thailand (for the last 12 years). 

When we do different countries we try to rent bikes locally or ride with tours if not possible (like in Mongolia we did a tour so we could ride KTM 450). 

We had a few international trips planned but all where delayed with the current situation sadly.


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