Jumping these blue beasts...

Anybody have any good suggestions on the best way to get decent (not looking to clear massive triples) at jumping these things? I know practice is key, but I'm wondering if I should be gassing it, rolling off the jump, pulling up, shifting weight, etc? Also, what are the best type of jumps to learn on? table tops, etc?

I can jump mtn bikes just great, but these things are a little heavier and rather intimidating...


I have no idea

every time I try I fill me fruit-o-d-looms :)

Never chop the throttle, unless you have real good insurance.

Always excelerate through on a thumper, and keep your body position well transitioned evenly over the bike. You can make you adjustments while in flight.

I am no table top jumper by anymeans (to Old and To fat)Ask motoman393 for that advise he da mad man in that field(JUMPING_

Any-hoot my wife says! get hurt and sell the bike, so I dont push thngs anymore.

Practice on differant approches, speed and hieght. The yz will respond real well even in low speed jumps and putzing around, again practice on the small stuff first...

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Yes I agree with Ego, (someone agrees w/ him?????) LOL I have this 75 ft table top on my track that always gives me trouble, everytime I jump it I land differently. Of course the best way is try (tabletops) give it a little more gas each time till you get close and you should be able to judge after each time how much gas and speed you will need. I have a bad habit of chopping the throttle at the face of the jump I never do it like i should and hold the throttle all the way through, I gonna practice tonight to hold the gas on all the way through and keep it steady. Good luck, Frank

Let me add

With Caution :)

It’s not a WFO tactic (Wide Freakin OPEN)

As FastFrank states it’s a matter of the type of jump you approach. If its a 75 foot or 120 the practice makes perfect is a good theory to keep.

I mean by accelerate through is constant speed don’t just blast the ramp WFO in 5th gear. Feel the bike as it excels through the jump at different speeds and throttle

Man I sound Like Obe Wan

Let the force flow through you, the force is in all living things it guides us and

Ahh man now I getting goofy

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Good response Ego.

YZ, do you have any experience jumping any type of Motorcycle? If not, I would strongly suggest looking for some instructional videos. Gary Bailey and Semics have some good ones. First thing you need to do is just get comfortable controlling the bike while riding it around. Get comfortable accelerating, braking. Possibly wheeling a litte, etc. You are probably wanting to race but one of the best ways to learn bike control is riding through the woods. You learn throttle control and how to correct your bike in all kinds of situations.

When you are comfortable enough there, as you mentioned, table tops are safest way to learn. Just make sure you have one without a peaked landing. Or possibly a single jump. Just hit it over and over and build up that confidence. The key is to try and never tense up and stay relaxed. (A lot easier said than done.) Learn to move on your bike while jumping. What I mean here is stay in a neutral position on the back. Keep your pivot points, (Knees and elbows flexible.) Absorb the jump when hitting it and when landing. Also, when you take off most jumps, you'll probably find your body gets pulled to the back of the bike. Learn to absorb and then kind of "row" your body forward to get back in the neutral position for the landing. If you roll back and stay there, then you are over the back wheel on landing and that can turn out real bad. Also, on the 4 stroke, make sure you accelerate through the face of the jump on the 4 strokes. If you don't the compression deaccel can cause some serious nose dive.

It's real hard to tell somebody how to ride through text. In my opinion, if you really want to learn how to jump and you don't want to learn through the school of hard knocks, find a school or somebody good at teaching and go to a couple of lessons. They can explain and then show you. Even more importantly, they can watch you and point out what you are doing wrong and how to correct it.

Good luck!

Kfrosty puts it well

All I will add is this and be quite

Go to the local track and watch the local yocals on the jumps, listen to the motor as well as watch the way they setup and posittion the jump. Dont be afraid to ask questions to the guys that are looking good out there, you will know who they are.

And another thing, dont let anyone "I MEAN ANYONE" intice you to jump something your not ready for, those guys are bone heads...

Thanks Frost... Actually I'm not even opposed to the school of hard knocks, I'd just like to make the knocks as small as possible. As EGO stated, once I get hurt, the wife has control of my bike and it's gone. I actually don't want to race, I feel very comfortable on the bike (when it's on the ground), I just thought it would be fun to throw in a couple 15 or 20' jumps to make my buddies on the WR's feel silly when we're putzing around the track... I'll check into videotapes etc-appreciate the help...

EGO, my days of being inticed by morons is over-maybe about 10 years ago, but no more. Thx.

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Start small and remember a slight overjump is way better than coming up short. Stay on the throttle and smooth with the 400/426's.

To clarify, I had a typo, I meant stay neutral on the bike, NOT neutral on the back. :)

From my short experience with these bikes.

Don't, Never, chop the throttle on these bikes if you do it won't be pretty.

Don't ask your friend riding the 2 strokes how he does it cause they(in my experience)don't react the same at all.

I like practicing the steep uphill triple. This way the ground is never more than 5 feet or so below you.

Start Small and work your way up, just started back this last March myself. Be patient with yourself. Accept you will F/U sometimes.

Originally posted by YZeezee:

Merf, you gonna be around at all Thurs, Fri, or Sat? I'm not sure if I can get down there-but I'd like to try...

We're getting ready to vaca the week following the 4th. If I went to the track and racked myself up, I'd be in serious trouble. Any time you can come down after the 12th, I'm game!

You coming down for the Pikes Peak SX on Saturday?



I bet that the look on your wifes face was exactly like my wife, 2 weeks ago before my Vacation.

I took my daughter to the hills on her xr70

I was feverishly trying to get the front end done on my yz to go, my neighbor was going my son was going.

Man the look on my wifes face when she saw me putting the final touches on the beast that morning was enough to kill Godzilla.

I mean I new I was in deep deep KaaKaa if I loaded the beast up

You know what that look is too :)

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Merf, I don't get down there too much, I just thought I'd give it a shot this week with the 4th and all-I'm not sure about Saturday. If I am down there, I'll send ya a PM first-thanx a lot!

I know what you mean with the wife and all-I'd be doing the same thing...

Originally posted by E.G.O.****:


I bet that the look on your wifes face was exactly like my wife, 2 weeks ago before my Vacation.

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Actually, since my wife rides (ex Ladies State Champ) and has been hurt while riding, she fully understands the consequences. I'd rather not put myself in the position to ruin my family vacation for 1 day of moto, no matter how bad I'd like to go.

I dont think it was all about riding, She just got me a new suit, Well I guess my only suit I have ever owned. And she wanted me to look real good and a cast was not in the picture

We had a wedding to go to first

I still cant figure why my mx gear was not ok to wear at a wedding :)

Did not you two just have a baby, I think you posted a pic of your wife rippin it up ?

Am I wrong

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Originally posted by E.G.O.****:

Did not you two just have a baby, I think you posted a pic of your wife rippin it up ?

Am I wrong

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YAAAAARRRRGGGHHHH... NO, no baby for us! My youngest is 20!

Musta been some other olde phart named Merfman.. :)

Sorry me oldest is 22 and youngest is 12

But before you even try jumping, setting up your suspension is the key. Once I got the proper springs for my weight, my confidence in riding and jumping went way up!

dont even try doubles unless you have master tabletops. I still don't have enough balls to try doubles....

Here is my $0.02 on this subject....

As stated before don't chop the throttle.

Chopping the throttle = concussion, I learned that the hard way.

If you are hitting the jump and are almost revved out in a gear, shift up to the next higher gear so the bike is pulling all the way up the face of the jump. My 426 seems to fly better if it is not revved all the way out on the take off.

Also, if the nose is constantly flying low, check your shock rebound, if it is too fast it can cause a nose dive.

On the jump approach, pin it and scoot back all the way to the end of the seat, stay seated. Nah! Just kidding. That's a recipe for disaster.

I think alot of good guys have given you straight up advice. One thing you might want to do is to just watch the body english and listen to the engines of the good riders when they jump. Also notice how they preload the suspension on the face of the jump.

Like others said, start small. You really don't ever want to chop the throttle...this'll send you into a nose dive, with the severity dependent upon the approach speed. You can usually get away with maintaining a given throttle position on the approach and off the jump, or giving the throttle a small blip on the take off.

Good Luck!

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