Jumping these blue beasts...

When I got my 426 I remember reading another post about jumping this thumper, and it said something like "keep on the throttle all the way through the jump"

As a former 2smoker I was thinking, yeah right, so I began jumping with a squirt of throttle off the top of the jump like a 2smoke, with mixed results. Then a few weeks ago I kept a smooth throttle through the jump and Bingo, I felt like yelling "Can I get a witness brother". This method as suggested by some posts above is the key, I cant tell you the mathmatical breakdown of why this is the key, but it is the hot ticket for a smooth jump with good distiance and control

I know for me, i felt like I was puttin a gun to my head, staying on the throttle all the way up the jump, but now its a beatiful thing :):D

I don't know if its already been mentioned because I'm too lazy to read through the whole thread, but my best advice would be to (like everyone stated earlier) roll on the throttle until you're in the air. Make sure to keep the revvs between mid-upper as you take off the jump, otherwise the compression braking will make it dive drastically. Also, lean at the same angle as the jump as you steadily increase your speed, and while on the jump. This will keep the nose from going waay up, and help with landings.

Hope that helped... and good luck! :)

Hokie really hit it. I've also found that the bike flies nicely when you can carry your speed to the jump and before take off upshift, and keep the bike pulling steadily. I've even had great results on some larger tables and doubles by almost bogging it up the face with allot of momentum. BE CAREFUL NOT TO STALL IT THOUGH. If you are chugging it that bad, you're going too slow, or a gear too high. I was ripping off the faces of jumps pinned, but I found that the smoother aproach let me float easier and land so much nicer. Much more control. If you have a short take off they do seat bounce nicely, but you have to be on the gas pretty hard compared to a 2 stroke. Be careful start small, and don't do anything you're not fairly comfortable with yet.

Have fun.

Hard part of jumping is gauging your speed for the distance, when your new to jumping your never quite sure of how much speed to carry. If you can find someone that is "VERY GOOD" at jumping and will let you follow/beside them. That way you can match they're speed. After awhile you'll get the feel for how much speed to carry for different kinds of jumps. This made my jumping improve 1000% in no time.

YZ... all that was said is good. Also, come down to COS sometime and I'll walk you through some pretty small jumps. Aztec has everything from 10 footers to 80 footers. Byron doesn't make the track so that it's "make or break" so it's a good place to learn.


Merf, you gonna be around at all Thurs, Fri, or Sat? I'm not sure if I can get down there-but I'd like to try...

Table tops or wall jumps are great to get the feel of jumping. Stand and jump with the bike and try to squeeze the bike with you legs. Dont shift on the face of the jump-just in case you miss a gear you dont want to go over the takoff out of gear and nose dive. Steady power into the air...if your front dives, gas it to bring up the front. Land while standing and absorb some of the energy with your legs. Try to hit the throttle just before landing to stiffen up the suspension. Have fun and be conservative. Ive crashed and got 2 concussions, dislocated shoulder, broken heel, some bad bruises on different occasions because I though I was mister MX jumper. The wife does not me or my bike when I come home limping!!! Good luck,


The first "double" you should attempt is to double check your health insurance.

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