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If you bought a TPI two-stroke bike...

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2 hours ago, HeavyRotationClassic said:

I am a solid C rider under perfect conditions, when well hydrated, and the moon is just right, and my jetting doesn't suck, on new tires, at the right pressure, if my clickers aren't conspiring against me, and I got at least 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep. I managed to pass several women and children in my last race, in the open sections, and I beat one old man in blue jeans riding a dual sported TTR 225 with luggage racks rolling on death wings. So I guess you could say I'm semi pro. 

Yeah, and you stained my Levis with that mud you splashed, that stuff is nasty! Big bully!

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1 hour ago, Doom22 said:

Wow we have semi pros on the forum watch out

Do you guys work? I can be on my phone like the next guy but you guys take it to a whole Nother level

I just worked. Spent 2 and a half hours taking a couple hundred people from Orlando to New Jersey. Off to the hotel now for some much needed rest for my 2 and a half hours to ft lauderdale tomorrow. Then some more much needed rest. 

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