03 to 05 yz450

Well I was wondering if the 04 is much better tnan the 03, my 03 never wants to turn like a crf any help is great. I am not sure what to buy? :thumbsup:


I am not sure which would be a better buy but I do know you may want to try the Storm Linkage if you have problems turning your 03 450. I have the same year/model and I had issues turning my bike until after I put on the linkage. It really does make it turn better, heck you may get one and decide to wait another year to get a new bike! Who knows. Later.

Thumper38 I 2nd that!! The Storm Linkage turned my 03 into a much better corner carving machine. I highly recommend this part :thumbsup:

were do I get the linkage?

the 04's have a better clutch then then the 03's to from what I have heard.

How did the strom linkage affect your high speed stability? There has to be some sort of a trade off. Did you notice anything? Nothing sucks more then head shake :thumbsup:



Is it the same as raising the forks in the triple clamps? :awww::thumbsup:


I did not notice any negative effects from running the Storm Linkage so far. It isn't really the same as running your forks higher in the clamps which does lead to adverse effects on some bikes. I think it raises the rear slightly and helps give the front tire more traction. I am sure someone on here can explain it better.

I do know this, the first ride out I went to hit a nice berm in a corner and laid the bike over farther than I ever have before. I can now literally corner, rail berms like I used to on my 125. No joke!

Oh yeah, you can always throw a Magura Hydro unit on and you'll never go back to a cable clutch. The first ride out with my Magura I thought the lever had fallen off or lost pressure because the pull was soo much easier.

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