interesting use for your old MX tires

i personally like those high speed desert quads with the like +9 extended a-arms that just flow over all the rough stuff :)

I wonder how long a set of rear tires last on that thing? Probably rips the damn knobs right off.

what powers that thing

thumper it runs a Subaru WRX Turbo injected motor

and they mention that 220kph isnt out of the question.

it amazing to watch apparently, the body sits perfectly still at 160kph over the roughest ground

while the wheels bounce up and down




i see potty mouth has been wiped off the board again

See..dirt bikes have their positive things. And quads also have theirs. Like the 18"of travel,nitro,N.A.S,and much more. They are not just lame little 'ol buggies.

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