Sometimes you're funny EGO!

Clear the Jump!! Seems like a good enough trick to me.

Try a no hander lander. You can feel one of two things:

1. Really cool.

2. A lot of pain.

They aren't near as hard as you might think that they are.

Dido with 98YZ.

How about a good whip. That's always cool.

I can do no-footers and one-handers. Any suggestions for other "beginner" tricks.

I can stand on the seat and jump off in 5th gear as I pass under a tree with a low hung branch, landing back on the seat.

Almost forgot this trick

My Wife balances a handle grip on my nose while I sit on the bike.

She says Staaaayyyy, Staaaaaayayyyyyyy goooddd eeeeggggooo ata boy Staaaaaayyyy


Then I flip the grip in the air and catch it in me hand, I cant go riding until I do it right....

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Backflips are always an easy beginner trick. :D

Man, if you want to be a freestyler, get a 2 smoke. :)

Is a two smoke better for freestyle just because its lighter?

yup, that and the super fast throttle response for clearing 100 gaps with barely any run at it. Some freestyler ran the 426 for a while a few years back.

These guys are exactly right about freestyling on a thumper. Don't do it!!!!!!

I don't know why but they just don't make good trick bikes. Heck I can barely whip mine and wouldn't dare take my hands off of this blue ton of bricks when landing. :)

Get a good used 125 and go out and have youself some fun. Just make sure you keep your medical insurance card close by and it would help to stop off by your local emergency room and inform the ambulance drive the exact directions to your practice area. Could speed things up a bit :D

dont get discouraged. a 426 makes a very good freestyle bike because of its power and ability to correct an endo int he air, just hit the gas and the front end comes up. By the way, i can whip, nac nac, can can, saran-wrap, superman, hart attack, barhop, heel click, lazyboy, and no hander land just as good on my 426 as i could on my 250, just need a to put a little more muscle into it. good luck


About the only trick I can pull off with regularity is a really bitchen endo.

That reminds me, where can I get one of those neck roll things in an adult size? I can find one, other than childrens anyway.

Remember dress for the crash, not the ride! :)

Just remember that, after any cool trick gone bad: if you can feel the pain, then that means your still alive to ride another day.... :)

Ditto on the endo trick. I've just about got that one down pat. I do wear that neck thinga majigy. It helps quite a bit. The next big trick I'm working on is the cliffhanger face plant. As soon as I get my bigger set of gonads, I can perfect this trick!!!! Just messin' with ya. Get a 2-smoke for tricks, even more impotrant is suspension. The most is important is to be wealthy, that way when you miss work, it won't matter. LOL... :D:):D

Wheelies are fun on the big YZ. It may be old school, but It's still fun and semi-safe. The engine braking really helps keep you from looping out, I keep my foot on the rear brake just in case!

However, going as fast as you can, for as long as you can on an MX is trick enough.

Those crazies that freestyle now

Well me and my buddies back in the eighties called it crashing with style :)

MAn if I only new then, we could have been famous.

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crankshaft inertia prevents the 4 strokes from being good freestyle bikes.

This is why it is easier to whip a 125 than a 250, etc.

An object in motion tends to stay in motion.

Think of it as kind of an oscillation effect, like spinning a bicycle tire (off the bike of course) as you hold onto the axle. It resists side to side movement.

I use to be able to whip the bike into a pancake off of jumps. Of course, I landed the bike flat as well...followed up with a few body rolls with a full twist. Then my next trick was to get up without being hurt. The last trick was to get the ground in dirt out of my jersey! :)

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trevor vines use to ride the 426 in freestyle events, but then he realized everything you guys have mentioned above and went to the 250.

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