exhaust options??

alright ive got TA slip on but now i want a full system. is there any header out there that will bolt up and work really good with the TA. its goin on a 99 yz400f.

come on, someones gotta be runnen somethin different with that TA. im pretty open for any ideas right now, anything that could turn out alright. i work at a dealer right and im gonna be quiten soon, the deals are good right now so im plannen on stocken up on goods while i can. come on guys!!

FMF TI 4 system is a good package... they work well with yzf's

FMF TI 4 system is a good package... they work well with yzf's

Ditto. I have had a few FMF's on my YZF's and I love them. Great power all around and my bikes rev to the moon.

I am planning on doing a FMF power bomb with a TA this winter. Call TA and find out if it will just slip on. I have heard great things about the power bomb and I've riden a 450 with a TA. I think the two would make an awesome combination. Let me know what you end up putting with that TA.

well i called up fmf to see if the power bomb woud fit a stock pipe and they siad so no. soo i think that also means that it will not bolt up to the TA. shitty deals. any other combos out there with a TA.

Call TA. I'm sure they would be more than happy to change the slip on to accomidate what ever you want. I hear they are a good bunch of guys to work with. :thumbsup:

ya i was thinkin of that but it was sent out a week ago. the first time i recieved my ta they sent me a 450 pipe instead of a 400 pipe. so i gotta wait for my 400 pipe now. i dont really wanna do anything else to delay it any longer, but i really wanna get a header now.

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