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Never thought i would do this, but yamaha is giving away the farm on these right now. 04 450's are going for around $5000, mine was $5300 OTD here in SoCAL Didn't even leave the dealer without a new triple clamp and bars. Is it just me or does yamaha have the worst bar set up out of everyone? I figured that since the big changes on the 05' are new "renthal bars" i would rather save $1500 bucks and go with an 04. I just hope this handles half as well as my Honda did. The power doesn't seem to be overwhelming like the mags say, it's actually really nice! I can't wait to blow up a berm or two @ Elsinore this Friday!!!!

I am lovin' my new 04 YZ450f, You stole it at that price. I work at a dealership and paid more! This is the first bike I have been on in a long time and it seems to turn well, handle good, but I am comparing it to a 88 RM125 I do feel that the powerband is a bit agressive (snappy) but it is mangable, I whooped on some XR's and YZ's after a few hours on the bike. It has gobs of power (60hp). I am looking into that Rekluse auto clutch and have some bars/triple clamp on order for it. Should keep me busy for a while.

socal.. i am in the same boat man.. i have a 04' crf 450 and love it but i am working at a yamaha dealership now and was just waiting for the 05' but now that i see the changes I think I may get an 04' and dump that money into the suspension and ergos.. So you like it uh? the motor is not as narly as they say ? Tell me more man :thumbsup:

I a week ago Tues I picked up an 04 450 for $5200 out the door. Took it out last Sunday, much better than my 01 426. Power is way better down low. The thing is a serious wheelie machine. The forks are amazing.. I would never have guessed they were that much better. Can't wait to get it out to the track.

Very happy I got the 04 vs the 05. Less compression, trying to tame the beast... WHAT EVER bring it on.

It has gobs of power (60hp).

Where did you hear the YZ450F has 60hp STOCK? :thumbsup:

It has gobs of power (60hp).

Where did you hear the YZ450F has 60hp STOCK? :awww:

/a long time ago, on a dyno far, far away... :thumbsup:

Well.... Last night i put on the clamps and tapers. The new Pro Taper triple clamps have all kinds of adjustments you can make and the rubber dampners really seems to work! I have used RG3 in the past and these feel really similar. You can save about $75-100 though! I pissed off somemore neighbors last night and rode her around in the street, and in a small dirt area(before anyone jumps on me about this, don't worry, i am well respected in my community(: ), i can tell this is going to be a love affair! I think my wife could see the writing on the wall when i got back to the garge with a smile from ear to ear. Tomorrow is really the first big dirt test. I copied a link to this video of DV @ my track(elsinore), same place I will be tomorrow. Check out the section in the middle of the video where he scrubs of a little table going into the section and clears the entire thing! Also, nice shot of him clearing that 130ft step up!! I am so fired up to go ride I can't even work, i feel like tomorrow is X-mas. As for waiting for the 05's , i think you would be crazy!!! Dealers are taking up to $500 losses on this bike right now, you can buy a $hitload of aftermarket parts for the $1500 you will save for an 04.,15385,643311_78_1,00.html :thumbsup:

It has gobs of power (60hp).

Where did you hear the YZ450F has 60hp STOCK? :thumbsup:

It's called at the crank. On my buddies title from Penn. they put 65hp for the rating. He was thinking rear wheel as well.

As for the 05's I think they will be worth the extra 1500, if you actually pay full retail. Suspension is a huge upgrade so is the boot and motor. I also like the CR brake line. Heck the BNG's are worth it alone.

oh yeah, maybe you are right the BNG's are a huge upgrade! :thumbsup:

I seen that before lol DV is sick and hes a hell of a guy.. For as big as he is his style is awsome to watch.. Ya I am getting the 04' i work for a yamaha shop and i am for sure going to get the 06' aluminum framed 450 so I will sell my 04' crf and get the 04 yzf 450 and throw some money towards suspension and set up.. Should be sweet.. good luck tomorrow and have fun bro. :thumbsup:

wow you got it for $5300 over here in covina at Berts mega mall there selling them for $4400 :thumbsup:

I live just north of Santa Barbara and am also looking for a good deal on a ’04 YZ450, My local stealership is still trying to sell a 02 YZ426 for $7200. I’m poised for purchase just need to know where to go. If one knows of a great deal around Ventura or LA area, please PM me.

Side note, I called Bert’s they said $5735 OTD, I saw the same ad for 4400 PLUS fees, as you. :thumbsup:

my friend just picked up a yz450 at montclair yamaha for 5300 otd. here is there # if your interested...909-946-8488. ask for Bill. he is the owner. he might even cut you a better deal because of where you are coming from.

Thanks!!! :thumbsup:

hope it pays off for you. it sure as hell did for me

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