Rev Limiter

My bro just bought a new 2004 WR450. I found out from the dealer that the WR 450 has a rev limiter. Does anyone know where the wire is for that? And can it be disconnected?

Also, can the forest service muffler/exhaust be modified without having to buy a new system?

I dont recommend modifying the 10,500 rpm redline. Why do you want to blow up your engine? :thumbsup:

I think he may be looking for the throttle stop...

So are there any differences between the WR 450 and the YZ450?

disable that rev limiter and I can guarantee the'll be 1/2 a conrod hanging out the front before too long. Yamaha made the stoke on the 450 longer and made the rod lighter and reduced the oil capacity ... go figure. :thumbsup:


Daniel, did you read this thread at all?

Are you talking about the rev limiter, which prevents the engine from over-revving, or are you talking about the throttle stop that limits the amount of throttle you can give the bike?

My money is that you are talking about the easy to modify or change throttle stop and using the wrong words...

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