Fork Seal driver

Has anyone came up with a good alternative to reseating new fork seals without the need to buying the $50-60 fork seal driver they sell? I figure some handy person has came up with something that will not tear up the new seals upon installation.

I used to use a piece of PVC, cut down the middle, similar to fork seal drivers. The only problem I had was the lack of weight to pound the seals in.

I eventually broke down and bought the seal driver and life is much happier for me. :thumbsup:

I also broke down and bought the drivers. They're expensive but they sure make the task a lot easier. As much mud as I ride I figured I'll be replacing seals on a regular basis :thumbsup:

I managed to install mine twice by taking the old seal, cutting it in half and carefully hammering the new seal in with it.

check out motoman393's info - he made a seal driver with a piece of PVC - I had already bought one but PVC works.

Bam! Bam! ... Damn it... :devil: Bam! Bam! .....

Drive in the metal piece _first_, then the seal. If only I'd read the directions. BTW, PVC pipe works fine.


Bam! Bam! ... Damn it... :thumbsup: Bam! Bam! .....

Drive in the metal piece _first_, then the seal.

Ditto. Metal piece definitly firt.

I use PVC, but I also hose clamp it to my fork tube. It makes it easier to bang the seals in place.

thanks for all the input, I ended up using a heavy cardboard tube cut in two to drive my seals in and oh yeah metal part first then seal :thumbsup:. the cardboard tube was available at work and didnt cost me anything, sort of a disposible fork seal driver.

I tapped in the ?bushing? first VERY lightly with a flatbladed screwdriver, just to engage it. You need to be very careful to avoid damage. Then, when it was aligned, the big metal 'washer' over the top and the pvc tubing as a driver. If you grip the pvc tightly enough (use zip ties !!) you can use the weight of the fork slider to bash the bushings into place. Very effective.

For the seals&wipers I used the pvc pipe as well. Works awesome and only cost me 3$ !!

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