4-stroke porting

I know of all the two-stroke porters but are there any good thumper porters out there. I figred Tom Morgan but i gues he only does it for team Blackfoot because its not on his site.

Try calling him, he does a lot that is not on his site.

I now a guy in San Jose, I am nt sure if he is available, he works alot on thumpers and twins. Flow bench the ports port balance whole nine yards. Let me see if he is available and will get back.

He normaly works on the local yocal pros and did work on some national Numbers here..

Mike Valasco Racing MVR Builds Brad Hagseths YZ250f for the Canadian nationals.They are Very fast Ph# 360-792-1292

varner motorsports (fmf) and pro circuit.

Tom Morgan is part of white brothers, he does the engine work, porting, etc. Also, Im having the Tom Morgan 307 Stroker kit installed, and I was debating on having him doing the portinga nd everything while its there, or sending the head back out to RHC (Ron Hamp) when I get it back. From what I hear, he does the best porting work.

I'm still learning about this stuff, what does porting actually do? :thumbsup:

RHC. Ron Hamp Cycles.

RHC. Ron Hamp Cycles.

Who the hell is RHC??? Heard he lives in some backwoods Michigan town. :thumbsup: Tdub

Nate with Cycles N Stuff Evanston Wy, (307) 799-5834 Very Reasonable Price Perfection work, Has ported every machine i have ever owned, Probably turn it around faster than anyone could at this time....Worth Giving him a call............

Porting re directs the flow in to the combustion chamber to put the power where you want it, and to build a useable power curve one of the most effictive performance gains 0ut there if done Properly, It can ruin the Machine If done by an Amature

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