Rear Hard Pack Tire?

I have always used Dunlop’s and all my friends do as well, so I have to rely on you guys for an honest opinion. I have my own motocross track, which consists of 99% hard pack during the summer (more like concrete with gravel on top). My Dunlop 739's hold up well for the conditions but is there a longer lasting tire out there? Some here on the board have mentioned Maxxis while others suggest Michelin’s. What is the most durable in your opinion? I'm only looking for a durable practice tire, not one to race on. Any comments or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

if you want the best hard track tire of all time.. nothing better then a bridgestone "blue groove" tire ever made..

if you want a long lasting hard track tire.. i would vote for a Michelin MH2. i use that tire and it lasts forever..

I doubt that you will find a longer lasting tire, that still sticks on hard pack than your 739s. I ran my last set for 4 months until the front knobs were 1/2 of the heigth at the front compared to the rear of the knob, and the rear tire had knobs that were 1/4 inch tall. The funny thing is they still hooked up, if you are on blue groove the less tread the better!!!

The M22/M23 sticks like heck until it starts to wear. Once that happens you will find yourself eating cement. I would stick with the 739s they rock on bluegroove and Dunlop tires cant be beat.

A buddy had bridgestones on his KX and my 739 lasted almost twice as long as his rear knob did. They seemed to be made of a harder rubber that tended to "scrape" off on rocks where the 739 just hooked up. I use 739's front and back for the desert but I think they would be the best bet for what your looking for. If you want to hook up more, try lowering your air pressure by two PSI. Just don't lower it so there is a risk of dinking a tire.

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