TT Custom Graphics - UPDATE!

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Ok, we finally got to see 'em in the blue flavor. When are they gonna ship already :thumbsup:?

That looks great, got to send over our way for sure :thumbsup:

Southern africa wants some as well..pleeeeaaaasssseee :thumbsup::lol::awww:

Can you show it on a bike for the full look?

Sweet, do they only come in that color scheme? Can they be made in other colors, like maybe black and orange to go with the orange plastic kit!

They look great. Will it be availible for the 2002 yz 426 tank?



They look great. Will it be availible for the 2002 yz 426 tank?

Ditto, and how about matching front and rear fender, and fork guard decals. :thumbsup: And maybe a larger version for oversize tanks, like my Zipty. :devil:

These graphics look super cool. Yes, make sure we in Oz can get our hands on them.

Very nice

Just waiting :devil:, waiting :awww:, waiting :lol: till I can order a set .... :thumbsup:

looks great! Will they be aviable for many Yamaha bikes? WR426F??

They are nice but I hate flames

Those babies are off the HIZZLE fo' SHIZZLE !! I'll take a set!! rekless :thumbsup::devil:

sweet graphics dude how much and you got em for a wr450??

When can I order?

That looks awesome! How much does it cost? :devil::thumbsup:

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