yz450f-wr450 differences????

hey, besides cam timing, and the wr being a 5 speed, is there any more differences between the yzf motor and the wr?

and the wr's also have an electric start and kick don't they?

anybody know???

Pipe is different. Lots of lights. About 40lbs. And some other visual stuff. I am not really sure of all of it.

Where to begin.... The WR has a wide ratio 5-speed, YZ is a close-ratio 4 speed. WR has 18 inch rear wheel, YZ has 19 inch. The timing is different, the jetting different (due to the timing and the pipe...motors are set up differently). WR has a heavier flywheel, too, I believe, plus a stator capable of running lights. The WR's suspension is a little softer and more trail friendly, while the YZ's is more configured for the hard hitting mx type obstacles. I believe the radiators are the same, but the WR has a collection bottle for the coolant for when it heats up with slow speed trail riding. And yes, electric start for the WR... I'm sure there are more subtle differences, but these are the largest ones I could think of.

WR= Wimpy Ride

YZ= Yowwie Zowwie!

POWER.. The WR450 is definitely lacking in POWER.

i know this.. my question is differences in the motor. if you change the wr timing to yz specs, and use a yz exhaust, and do those free mods, will the wr run the same as the yz, but with 5 speed instead of 4?

im only asking cuz i want to put one of the motors in my quad. so i dont care about the chassis, im just worried about motor vs. motor

NO. You will also need to replace the WR cam with a YZ cam. The WR comes very tame. It will require some work to make it feel like a YZ. You can check the posts on the WR side to see all of the work that these guys have done to make their WRs feel like a YZ.

okay well thats okay to me cuz i have an 03 yz450 exhaust cam already :thumbsup: is the intake different also? i tried a search but didnt see anything

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