In this months mxa, it has the 2003 yz450, and it says that most people ran a 50 tooth rear sproket on their 426(meaning that it doesn't come stock). But my bike came from the factory with a 50 tooth. Am I going crazy, or is something messed up?

Mine came with a 49. I have a 51 on it now.

Stock is 49. I believe it says that in the manual.

Did you possibly get a bike from Canada or somewhere else where maybe it's different?

Course your dealer could have switched it out during setup.

49 on mine stock

Mine came with a 49. I use my YZ primarily for off road, so I've dropped to a 13 up front and have a 50 in my garage in case I want to go a little lower. What are the other off road users using?

(midwest, tight and twisty single track if you can believe it)


14/49 is stock. I'm running 13/49 in the woods.


Mine came stock with a 50 as well...&%$#@!? I checked and double checked it...It's a 50 tooth sprocket. No wonder that CRF450 rider smoked me at the track last week. :)

I'll change it to a 49 and I'm sure to beat him now. :D

Actually I'm shocked that someone else had this happen. I thought it was a typo in the manual.

I got it brand new, right here in Phoenix. Kinda weird.

my canadda bred all stock factory yamaha race bike came with a 49

sorta sounds like a bread, like bananna bread, canadda bread :)

anyways, maybe you should have your wife/daughter/son/girlfriend/dog double check for you, i dont think yamaha would of made a mistake of rear sprockets :D

Mine came stock w/a 51 tooth sprocket brand new!!!!

Do you think it could have possibly been the shop that swapped it out, without telling you? Hey, they have to justify the set-up cost, perhaps they kept the 49's, and sold them, and put some 50 or 51 toothers on yours. Possibly??

My stockers on a california YZ400 were 14/49. I run a 15/49 in the sand dunes and desert riding of Southern California.

I'm sure someone needed a 49 and the shop was all out so they appropriated yours and gave you the closest thing.

Mine is a Canadian 426 and it came with a 49

Ya, your probably right. The other 426 next to it at the dealer had a White Bros. pipe on it, and I didn't ask why.

my bike came fromt he factory with a 50 as well, bought right here in michigan. i run 13/50 int he woods and 14/51 for moto.

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