A Taller WR

I am looking to raise the seat height on my '01 WR426. I have found several tall seats out there for the YZ, but none for the WR. Anyone have any recommendations for this? Thanks for the help...

WOW!! How tall are you? I#m 6 1 and struggle a bit on my 04! Its enormous!

HAve you though about a ride height adjuster on the rear shock? Wont raise it all level I know, but maybe just enough and add a bit of weight over the front too?

My buddy is 6'8 and 250 pounds. He looks slim even at 250... He works his WR with raised handle bar and wants to add lowered foot pegs (he just bought the bike last month).

As to a higher seat. If you found one for the YZF, just buy it and buy the fitting tank and rad shrouds. Many guys here turned their WR seat/tank to YZF setting just for the feeling. I guess you could do that... Keep us informed.

By the way, I would be surprised that there would not be tall seats for WRs. I think guts racing sells one. But tall seat is just longer in fact, not "higher" (just to make sure we understand each other)

Guts makes a cover and tall foam that you staple to your OEM base. It looks great and is easy to do. Just stretch it real tight and staple.

Thanks for the help...sounds like your buddy and I are in the same situation. I'm 6'6" and most of that height is in my legs. Going from sitting to standing on the WR takes it's toll on my knees on long rides! Anyway, I am raising the bars and am going to check out the taller seat foam and cover. The raised bars should really help while standing up. Thanks and I'll let you know how it works out... :thumbsup:

I am 6'7" and I got my tall foam off eBay from Devol racing for $24 shipped. You might try contacting them. I got the YZ foam but I think I saw the WR foam too. I replaced a std. SDG foam and the new stuff is about twice the height of the old stuff, it's softer too.

Try lowering your pegs. Search around a little and you will find a couple of threads that go into detail. It is a great mod and it helps you stand up faster/easier. If you have feet like me you will also enjoy having the pegs a little farther back from the shifter and brake pedal. Hope this helps

Try posting in the parts/accessories forum, someone might have one sitting around you could get cheap.

By the way, Welcome to TT. :thumbsup:

I have the Pro Taper Pastrana Freestyle bars on my 98WR, along with dropping the stock pegs. The two mods together made a huge difference in riding comfort. The Pastrana bars have about 4.5 inches of rise, but are slightly more narrow. Took about one ride to get used to and is definitely worth it.

Search for the peg mod ... Like TallBoy said, it helps out with the brake/shifter position for us big-footed riders as well.

Yeah, welcome to TT Big Mac :thumbsup:. Big Mac... :lol: you're funny :awww:

Mjames, Where did you get the pastrana bars from. I am thinking about getting some. I have to bend to much when standing and I think taller bars would do the trick.

Thanks for the help. I'm all over the lowered peg idea. Getting my feet back a little would be a nice added bonus as well. Thanks to all the TT members who responded and pointed me in the right direction!

Hey Big, fill in your profile... Where u from?

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