throttle sticking on idle?????

Okay people here is my latest problem....for some reason, when the bike is running and i just flick the throttle or give it some gas, while im in neutral, instead on the rpm's dropping back to normal, they hang up just a tad over normal idle speed, nothing radical. I have took apart the throttle housing and cleaned it all out and then took the cables off the carb and cleaned this area as well....I have not got into the carb yet...has anybody had this happen to them and also, will a dirty air filter cause this problem? thanks in advance....

I don't think your throttle is sticking. I would suspect that you are lean on the pilot circuit and that is what is causing the idle to "hang".

Back out on the fuel screw to see if it cures the problem. just remember your starting point so that you can always return to it.

Wyatt is correct. You only need about 1/2 a turn on the screw.

If it doesnt change, it might also be rich on the idle. Go in a full turn at that point. Your final adjustment should be between 1 1/2 and 2 full turns out from GENTLEY bottomed.

If that dont work ther may be a small air leak in the rubber between the carb and head.

Possible small crack or not fitted correctly

I recently solved the same issue on my bike. I found after taking my carb apart that the spring, washer, and o ring for the fuel screw were missing which will let air by and cause this. If that is not it, I sincerely think yo have some sort of an air leak.

It could also be that your throttle cables are to tight. Check to make sure that you have a little freeplay in BOTH cables. This will cause your throttle to hang. Also, aluminum throttle tubes corrode onto the aluminum bar and cause throttle problems. Do you have an aluminum throttle tube? Try the cables first before diving into the carb. Maniac :)

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