How lean does your 426 run at idle

I have a "new to me" WR426 that turns the head pipe red at idle, my dealer says "they all do". I've had the carb off and can't find any problems, I thought the pilot was plugged or something.

Does anyone else agree or disagree that this is typical?

Thanks, Tim :excuseme:

That red glowing pipe is typical of the WR's. Depending on the mixture they can vary between red hot and warm orange. Dont sweat it.

How is the idle? If the engine races or revs higher than you like, richen the pilot jet by one or two sizes. I did that and the idle is fabulous. I got a bit less pipe glow afterwards. :thumbsup:

The bike would idle high for 15 - 30 seconds and then drop off to normal, 1/2 turn rich on the fuel screw fixed that up. Also went to a 45PJ and still have the red pipe. Might try a 48PJ just to see how it responds.

Sounds like it's not as big an issue as I first thought.

Thanks, TM

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