Edelbrock Carb...who loves it.. who hates it???

who is rocking an Edelbrock on thier BRP, and loving it? Has anybody experienced any problems with it yet? Does it fit really, really well...or do you have to make it fit?



'02 BRP, WB R4, Keihin 41mmFCR :awww:, clarke 4.3, gpr, fat bars, brp triple/skid, B/D stator w/100watt, trailtech comp, excels w/ rad hubs

I like ours :thumbsup:

We have three Edelbrocks; two on XR650R's and one on a XR250R and they've all been terrific and the support from Rob Barnum (where we purchased them from) has been first rate. Our Edelbrock's are all the older generation from a few years ago and they've since gone to a cast float bowl with a drain screw as opposed to ours which are solid billet bowls without drain screws. Tuning was easy enough and they just flat out work awesome. The external adjustment are nice because I could quickly tune from my riding location without having the carb opened up and risk dirt/dust getting inside, but once it's tuned, it's good to go unless you change your pipe, or cam, etc. The carb performs very well for a wide range of altitudes and off idle throttle response is definitely improved. The Edelbrock also has an internal fuel cell works super well. In fact, you can lay the bike on its side and whack the throttle open as fast as you want and it still runs perfect where as the stock carb cuts out. You won't be running your bike on its side, but its a good demo of how well the fuel cell works compared to the stock carb. The Edelbrock accelerator pump is also works a bit different in that its accelerator pump only squirts fuel when you twist the throttle quickly, otherwise it diverts the fuel from the pump circuit back into the float bowl if you twist the throttle slowly where as the Mikuni & Keihin acclerator pumps always squirt no matter how fast or slow you twist the throttle.

It comes as a complete bolt on it from Rob Barnum, which includes the carb, different needles, instructions, a new throttle assembly with new longer throttle cables, etc. It comes setup for an uncorked XR650R, but you can change the needles out if your bike is completely stock or has been modified beyond being uncorked. I've installed several of these for friends as well and I've got the install down to less than a half hour from A to Z. It's a piece of cake to install :awww:

The only problem I have had with it is the float stuck once and when the bike was leaning on the kickstand fuel flowed out the overflow.

Another problem I have had recently is the same problem that was chronic with the stock carb. If your idle isn't adjusted low enough it will not drop off of idle when you let off the throttle and pull the clutch in. The motor races a few seconds before it drops to idle. It did not have this problem till recently so I'm not sure whats causing it. Qadsan, do you have any ideas about what causes this?

Still all the good things about the carb outweigh any of these minor things which I will fix. :thumbsup:

I love the Edelbrock. Bought mine from Rob Barnum also. No problems with fitting it in. Easier starting and no more flooding. :thumbsup:

I hear everyone talk about the easier starting and no more flooding but what about (if any) the POWER?!

You won't be running your bike on its side,

we don't??

damn, where did go wrong :thumbsup:

The power comes on smooooooth!!!!!. no more bogs when a g-out appears like the stock carb used to do. I can't give numbers, but power feels better thruought. Go with Rob Barnum if you buy one

I know theres one on my shopping list. :thumbsup:

Tired of a slight dump and flooding the bike :devil:

my 650 awesome since i installed the quicksilver

the only problem i have had is it is real close

to the tank.i had to turn it a little.still very

close.anybody else had this problem.

Whats up with the "Keihin 41mmFCR " - the 39mm is excellent on loads of other bikes. 41mm not working on the pig??

Steve C


Hey OMT I had similar experiance and found needle not bottoming all the way and inconsistant because it was hitting alum baffle in bowl.there's a hole it must slide thru and I beleive barnum said it was modified as not to do this no more. My baffle would shift a little in bowl then needle would rest on it. Of coarse I thought I could fix and lost bb when parting bowl. Sent to barnum and they fixed. Now I like! Starts better and no sneezing when goosing over logs. :devil::thumbsup:

I just installed the Edelbrock Quicksilver I got from Barnums :thumbsup: What an improvement over the stock carb which I'm now using as a door stop. No more hanging idle, no more bogging when jumped or crapping out while climbing steep hills, no more spilling fuel all over the place when leaned over or parked on weird inclines. I'm at 6000' and Rob had me run the 17E needle and 12 clicks. Started up on the second kick, a slight tweak of the idle speed and now it starts 1st kick 90% of the time. I also like not having to search around for the blasted choke lever, just give it a couple "squirts" and its ready to fire. Best of all there is a noticeable difference in the amount of power now on tap :lol::devil: Man does this thing ROCK!


E-bay, under $300 works like a champ!

Smoother off idle, mid slightly stronger, (maybe) top end about the same.

I ride a lot of tight woods, steep climbs with sharp cut backs. A cough and die of the piggy could cost me a few hundred feet of altitude. :thumbsup: not pretty. Now it's so easy to be just torque'n along through a cut back and romp the throttle to get the front up on the next rock, saaaweeeetttt. :devil:

and all that stall when dumped stuff is just the frosting.

I did use a clear tygon hose instead of the adapter that came with it. It looked kinda cheasy.


see what I mean.


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