Hand guard installation

Ok, I'm trying to install a pair of Fredette hand guards on a YZ (I also posted this in the WR area) and I've got a question. On the throttle side there is a ton of space between the end of the throttle tube and where the handle bar starts. How have people kept the end of the hand guard centered so that it doesn't interfere with the throttle?

What I'm thinking is get a longer bolt (that extents into the handlebar further), create a spacer that's the depth of the throttle tube extention, then put the rubber hose and the nut at the end.

Any other suggestions?

I don't have the same hand guards you are using but I'll try to answer.

The bar insert for the guard is designed to expand inside the handle bar tube. Once it has expanded it should remain very secure.

On my guards (Pro Rally) I had to enlarge the hole on the throttle tube to allow for enough room to insert the bar insert. For this I took the throttle tube off and drilled it slowly with varying size drill bits increasing the size slowly to prevent cracking the throttle tube. You could also just cut off the end of the throttle tube.

Then when you expand the insert, make sure you have some room between the throttle tube and the hand guard. You may also have to cut off the edge of your grip to prevent binding.


I used a hacksaw to cut off the very end of the throttle tube. No binding.

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