I'm finaly going to change my fork springs and oil,also changing shock spring.I'm looking for any tips.I'm a automotive machinist,I'm 45 years young and have been building engines for over 20 years and worked on cars longer.

I know i can do it,first major work i'll be doing on my '04' XR650R except installing the fmf q, and a few other goodies.

Love this brp as most call it.

I dont have any problems riding it in Oregon hills.

Hi, if these are the typical 93-02 Shoei forks, may I suggest you bleed any air assist, crack open the top caps, and remove them from the bike before changing the oil; it makes things much easier. Drain the existing oil through the drain plug, then replace the plugs and add about 4 ounces of oil and work both pistons per fork (if air-equipped) then invert the fork... the oil will run out (and likely be grey from deposits.) I did this 4 times per fork to get the oil relatively clean. Bike used is a '94 650L with 6k miles. These forks use about 19.1oz each (filled to 5.7" below top of fork with no spring and travel fully compressed.) This may differ with your R. But lint-free shop towels are mandatory, beforehand. :thumbsup:

Oh, and if air-assist, don't pull up on the air piston rod too quickly or oil will spray out everywhere! :awww:


Well i finally got my eibach fork springs installed and the shock spring.Changed fork oil with silkolene 5w and a 100 thous. from max fill according to the book not really any probs. doing it !! regreased all suspension bearings and swing arm brngs.Rode in the back yard yesterday and jumped a small berm my son has made for his yz 2 smoke,no more bottoming out soft and sweet feeling on landing cant wait till i take it out,have to wait a few more weeks due too having my 2nd. back surgery 2 weeks ago sag all set it's gonna be sweet!!!!!!!!!!

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