Hmmmm,,, different lengths?

Someone please straighten me out. I'm at work and can't confirm something I saw while working on my bike (new 02 426) last night.

I'm putting on hand guards and while doing it, it looks (naked eye, haven't measured yet) like the right bar is shorter than the left bar on my bike. The throttle tube is overhanging the end of the bar by about 1 or 1.5 inches. There seems to be a little plastic spacer between the throttle assembly and the brake perch to position things this way.

So, are the bars different lengths, or is everything mounted on my right bar positioned to far out?

Sounds like a simple assembly goof. Slide everything back in on the bar. :)

You may want to start at square one??? Center the bars....... measure from a rough center line and measure out to each end of the bars. Take the plastic thing-a-ma-gig and pitch it. To much weight :D Then move all your controls around to suit your riding style.

I have my levers very low to remind me to keep my elbows up and make it easier to use the controls while standing. This let's me put my compression release lever at some peoples clutch lever angle.

Bill :)

Thanks for the replies.

I'm beginning to suspect that everything on the right side is just out of place a little bit. As I sit hear thinking about it (at work, can't confirm), the bar attachment for the hand guard was closer to the crossbar than the one on the clutch side. Me thinks the mystery is solved.

thanks again

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