Gearing sug. for a 99 WR

What would you guys suggest for gearing on a 99 WR, for X-country use? I bought the bike with 13-49 last year and a local mechanic said I should be running a 14 or 15 tooth front sprocket to keep from over reving my bike (I had the post about the bent exhaust valve). Whay would you guys suggest? How will the bike handle at slower speeds with the taller gearing? I plan to go taller anyway because I'm going to DS the bike but I don't know how far to go. Any help is appreciated. :thumbsup:


The tallest I geared mine was 15/46 for a day of pure street riding in the mountains of North Georgia. It did fine. A better all-around setup is probably 14/48 if you plan to spend a lot of time on the road and a little off road. Otherwise, just go with standard 14/50 gearing like I am running right now. My bike's dual sported and I can easily cruise at 60-65 mph all day.

In oz they come stock with 15/50. I found the 15T front to rub on the chain guide. Mine is 14/50 at the moment which gives more low down than you'll even need. I figure it does 4th gear 'roll on' wheelies, it's geared low enough :thumbsup: , but I plan to change it to 14/48 on my next chain and sprocket change. At 13-49 :shocked:i'm not suprise it dropped a valve! unless you do heaps of slow single trail, you would have had to rev the crap outta that poor thing!

I've been hitting the streets with mine lately. I can tell you that 15-42 gearing is way to tall. If I had the balls and balanced tires, it would easily do 100 mph. 15-50 was not quite tall enough, kept wanting to grab another gear at 60. I would say that 15-48 would be a great choice for comfortable riding at speeds around 65-70 mph on the street. It would also be a nice compromise off road.

A 42 :thumbsup:??? What were you trying to set up? a supermoto? :awww:

How much of a difference will going from a 13 front to a 15 make in torque? I don't want to loose TOO much of my ability to pop up the front wheel when I need to.

Actually, I've not tried a 13 on the front. These bikes come stock with 14-50 gearing. I've only gone up on the front. I can tell you that it was a very noticeable difference going from 14 to 15 up front when in 5th. I could still easily yank the wheel up in 2nd and 3rd.

Cool :thumbsup:

Thanks guys

I have a 12,13,14,and 15 tooth front sprocket. The 13 makes a big difference in torque and with the 12 I have to shift faster than my truck in low range.

the 12 I have to shift faster than my truck in low range.

I can imagine :thumbsup:

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