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Hi everyone,

Today, I've picked up a used rally kit for my 09' Yamaha WR 450 f.

The kit includes:

  • Two seat tanks
  • Two front tanks
  • Front rally fairing
  • A seat by JVL
  • Nav tower with headlight and two tripmasters
  • Two HGS mufflers with the exhaust pipe that runs under the bike
  • Kevlar bashplate with two little toolboxes and a small water container
  • Two extra wide radiators with cooler fan
  • Oil cooler
  • Lots of mounting material.,/ small brackets

The funny thing is, that I've already encountered this specific kit on ThumperTalk in a post going back to 2013. Posted by a user by the name of Sidewinder1970.

The kit used to be mounted on a 06' Yamaha WR450F and has raced in the Africa Eco Race of 2016 by Thomas Schattat (NR.128). Afterwards, the kit was sold to someone in the Netherlands. This gentleman never used the kit, since he sold his WR before he got the chance to build his own rally bike. Fast forward a couple of years, and now I'm the proud owner of the kit!


I will be posting updates of the build as time goes on.


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Here are some pictures of the kit! As you can see, it still has the Africa Eco Race number on the front fairing and the bashplate is full of red sand haha. 










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Test-fitted some parts today. Almost all parts don't fit at the moment, because the oem exhaust pipe and expansion tank are in the way. However, I'm liking what I'm seeing 😁


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Posted (edited)


I've not been very active lately, when it comes to working on the bike. I've had a pretty serious motorcycle accident. I got hit by a car, here in the city centre of Amsterdam by an older woman making a u-turn with her car without looking... I've broken my back, 5 ribs, bruised my lung along with some other things.... Neverthelessssss..!


I've made some cool discoveries!

Since I'm what you'd call "bedbound" at the moment, I've had the opportunity to do a lot of web-browsing. I've checked a lot of forums, regarding this Yamaha Rally kit.

I found out who made the kit! A company called Dakarteck. The person in charge of the fabrication was Pedro Jorge Oliveira. A rally driver from Portugal. I've contacted him on Facebook and he gave me a lot of information about who raced with these kits and that only about 20 were made. 

For example Helder Rodrigues, became european enduro champion in 2010, 2nd in the Morocco rally and 3rd in the Dakar of 2012 using this kit!!


I've also found the company that made the decals/ stickers for the kit. So I sent them an email, and am waiting for a response.


I'l add some photos to show some of the findings!

The photos with the white bike are Pedro Oliveira, and the blue RedBull bike is Helder Rodrigues.








Pedro oliveira Dakarteck.jpg

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So, the build has started! + The first episode of the build is online! --> 


  • We changes the rear fender from the OEM blue one, to an Acerbis white one to match the rest. Also, the new fender needed to be cut slightly, because it was blocking the rear tanks from lining up right.
  • Re-mounted the radiators at an angle, so they would fit in combination with the large fuel tanks.
  • Due to the angled radiator setup, we couldn't use the normal radiator hoses, so we've replaced them with longer ones.
  • Mounted the front tanks.
  • Mounted the brackets for the rear tanks and than mounted the rear thanks on top.
  • Put on a different exhaust pipe and mufflerI'm sure there was a lot more that we've done, but these were the main points. Also, everything was filmed and will be shown on our new YouTube channel. Search for Mokum Mayhem if you want to check it out.

In the upcoming days, everything that's left on the table (see photo) will be put on the bike as well.

*not looking forward to having to drill four holes into the headstock, so we can attach the nav tower...but that's part of the game!










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* Update *

We've drilled the four holes in the headstock, necessary for mounting the nav tower. I can't tell you guys how much I sweated during the whole operation haha 😅

Luckily everything seems to be perfectly straight and well-aligned. 💪🏼






I've also had to make a small bracket to attach the exhaust to. Before, it was just hanging unsupported, next to the right footpeg. 🤷🏻‍♂️





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We've put on all fairing parts and the baseplate to see what it the final product is gonna look like. I must say, I'm impressed! 





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We had to make an addition to the existing nav tower bracket, because the roadbook holder wouldn't fit. Had to use a H3D moto adapter in the end. 





Furthermore, we swapped the exhaust to a smaller HGS race exhaust, put on a new seat cover, connected the RNS tripmaster to the multiswitch and connected the Trail Tech Vapor. 




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