Who Carries [B]Stainless Steel Wool[/B]

www.mcmaster.com I ordered the 1-lb roll of coarse wool, product no. 7364T19 (I'm assuming you want to use it as muffler packing.) Put that number in the search field. If you click on the "catalog page" link, you will also see fine and medium grades. They are in Atlanta so delivery would probably be next day (it was for me and shipping was cheap.)

I am now over by saratoga and 280.But grew up off Summit road in the S.C mountains.I graduated from Los Gatos high class of 95.Let me know how the stainless works. i was also thinking about repacking my e-series with it.



for the life of me I can not find Stainless Steel Wool, I have checked HomeCrappo, Wal-Smart, 101 Lumber, hardware stores auto supplies.



Still trying to get to 101dbs huh ego.Let me know how it works or at least what it brings you down to.



I just started actually, I modified the baffle to increase the amount of preasure to the packing. I will post picks if it passes. If not I will post the Bill Of Sale for buying a new WB R4 :)

Hey Blue guy

where about in SJ you from.

I gadiated Pioneer High in 74 lived in the Hillsdale / Cheery Ave area all my life...

Do the barkleys still live off Summit

I lived on wright station road for a bout a year with a friend of mine and his family

Loma Prieta was a prime riding spot back then

Small world aint it

We used to hang at the Chatou Libritee' when it was booming, in fact we met the dobbie bras ther one night and ended up parting with them at the house the I think drumer had up there. Not sure if he is still ther or not, That was a long time ago

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Originally posted by Rich in Orlando:

www.mcmaster.com They are in Atlanta so delivery would probably be next day (it was for me and shipping was cheap.)

McMaster Carr is an awesome resource but they generally do not sell to individuals, just businesses. I got a purchasing account set up with them by saying I was a small business that installs network and communications equipment for small businesses. The lady asked my business' name and some other questions to qualify me and opened the account. Have a story ready before you call. They also have a warehouse in Sante Fe Springs, CA.

Their metric fastner selection alone makes them an invaluble resource.

I've bought several things from them personally off of their website. The issue of business vs individual never came up. I never had to speak to anyone and the packages arrive on my doorstep usually the next day.

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