2005 WR450F is greensticker Yeah!!!!!!

I just got back from the Yamaha show in Las Vegas and the new WR450F passes emisions in CA for a green sticker.

The Yamaha Web Site said "Green Sticker Ready." :awww: What does that mean. :thumbsup:

What a bunch of crap. The WR was always green sticker capable. The YFZ 450 (quad) has the same engine and it has always had a green sticker.

In order to get a green sticker, the manufacturer has to certify that the bike complies with some unknown air quality standard.... and that it will stay in compliance for 5 years. If it comes out of compliance, the manufacturer must fix it at no cost to the consumer. Read this from the CARB website: http://www.arb.ca.gov/msprog/offroad/mcfactst.htm

The "AIS" thingy that Yamaha talks about is BS. The engine was already green sticker eligible, Yamaha just didn't want to commit to the potential 5 years of liability. Since they now see that green sticker bikes will become the standard (hence the CRF250X), they invented the "AIS" as if it is some technological breakthrough. In fact, it is only marketing. Since Honda doesn't have a CRF450X yet, Yamaha is looking at securing some market share by offering a big bore green stickered bike.

BTW, I see on Yamaha's website, the WR450 will be green stickered, but it doesn't say that for the WR250. &%$#@!? I guess the marketing dept. didn't say that one had to be a green stickered bike. They must figure that the CRF250X has already secured that market, so they are just going for the low hanging fruit.

I hate California and I hate the stupid marketing games that the bike manufacturers play.


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