front end pushing

Got an 01 YZ426F.. Front end likes to push in corners, unless im in a serious rut, but a small one, it will not hook-up, what can I do to cure this? Stock bottom clamp with a gyt-r top clamp... Thx


01 YZ426F

There is a list of things, without more info it's hard to say exactly. Here are a few to ponder in the order that I personally would try them.

1) Riding position, be sure you're up front with your leg out front. I've got the 01' myself and it will turn really well, but you have to be deliberate and turn like you mean it. If you relax and expect it to make the turn for you then it's going to not want to turn and push wide. Be agressive and it will turn on a dime.

2) Check your rear sag. If the sag is off it can cause handling issues. I'm 6' 160# w/o gear and run my sag at 95mm (when in full gear), ask around to find what other people your size/weight are happy with.

3) Slow down the front rebound damping. If the rebound is too fast, when the fork rebounds off of bumps mid-corner it can cause the front to slide and give the sensation that it's sliding out on you.

4) Raise the forks in the triple clamps a little bit (a few mm at a time). Careful, small changes are noticeable and you do NOT want to go over the spec or the front tire may meet the front fender on hard landings.

Try one thing at a time so that you can see what each change does.

The previous reply was good. I'd add springs.

1) Get your sag set right (100-105 mm)

2) Move your forks so the first ring is visible and don't go past the second ring. You won't need to. I had a 2001 426 and it cornered great.

3) Get your clickers set to stock and adjust from might need to add some low speed compression.

4) If you still have a problem, check you front springs. Depending on your weight & how the bike has been ridden to date you may need new springs and possibly a different rate.

I loved the handling on mine and think with a little tinkering you'll get it dialed 100%.

Vet28 :thumbsup:

Have you overlooked the tire pressure....I would play with that before doing anything major. Then try sliding the forks up a touch in the triple clamp. After that (the simple stuff that everyone overlooks) try to spend some money with the other ideas.

I put a 20in. front wheel on my 450 it turns now :thumbsup:

I put a 20in. front wheel on my 450 it turns now :thumbsup:

Is that a picture of it in your avatar? :awww:

When entering a corner, Im up, front to where my n**s are sitting on the gas cap with my foot out.. Sag was set,but then again that was right after I had the bike resprung and revalved.. Its been about a month now, and this has started back up again. Haven't messed with the rebound yet, and I haven't toyed with air pressure yet either. Take a look at those 3 items, sag first, then the other 2 and go from there.. Thx for the help on this...


01 YZ426F

raise the forks so that there is 4mm between the top edge of the top clamp and the "line" just below the fork cap. This set up works great.

Oh yeah....a Dunlop 756 is the ticket as velcro for the front wheel! :thumbsup:

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