radiator braces

I have a 99 yz400. I just replaced the radiators on it because they were all bent. Before I ride it again, I promised myself I would put radiator braces on it to prevent the $350 whamo. I see several manufactures of these but have no experience with them. If anyone has any feed back on ones they love or ones they hate please let me know. I am looking for maximum flow to my radiators.



If you want maximum flow, don't get them. But if you smash radiators very often, You have no other choice, except stop falling.

I would definately choose the longer life of my engine over my radiators. They are cheap compared to an engine.

But if I did get some, I would probably get the Works Connection ones. They help protect the back of the radiators from a wrench or rocks.

i have a friend that has these on his YZ250. They seem to be holding up well.


I run the Devol's they work great and have a brace on the back side.

DEVOL braces are by far the best, they offer excellent airflow by eliminating the plastic vanes in front of the radiator, and also offer the best protections. but they add substantial weight, almost 2 pounds, i prefer the works conection braces.

I run works connection. They work great and saved a rad in a big hit. I still like the custom ones i have on my kawie better though.

Go to Flatland Racing

These things are great, have used them for 4 years. They take a heck of a beating and keep your radiators alive. Also, they are a must in any kind of mud, because they keep the crud off your radiators so they can breathe.

Here we go again.... :)

FLATLAND! #1 - the best - rules! The beefiest!

No, seroiusly, I have compared them to many other brands and they by far are the best made, strongest guard made.

Just one mans opinion.....

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