Advice on new bike purchase

I have just sold my 99 YZ400F and now I'm in the market for a new bike.

One of the reasons that I sold my bike is that it was too heavy for my size (5'8" and 170LBS). I really enjoyed the power but I felt that it was telling me what to do, more than me telling it what to do (if that makes any sense).

I'm really interested in the 250F but I have never tried one before. I consider myself to be an intermediate rider and ride mostly track. Is there anyone else who has ridden both bikes (400/426 and 250) and have some advice for me.

I have even been considering a 250 2-stroke again but I love having a bike that I don't have to change the top end every couple months and mix the gas. I want to stay with a 4-stroke but I don't want to sacrifice a lot of power.

Also I don't have the cash to buy the new 450F which is lighter and would likely solve my problem.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Especially any rider who has went from a 400/426F to a 250F or a 250 (2-stroke) to a 250F.


Hop over to the 250F forum and ask... a few of the members there swapped from 400/426 to 250 for the weight thing...

They will sort you out... The 250F is no slouch...



From what I can deduct from the reasoning you gave in your message, I think your choice is obvious. You still love the 4 stroke thing, top ends are a hassle, 426 has too much bark ...

Dude, you're getting a 250F!

Big Gunner,

I am about the same size as you and ride a 98 YZ400. Recently I had the opportunity to ride a WR250F and loved it. Granted it's not the YZ model but the power is there, just roll it on in the higher rpm range and the bike roosts. If you get a chance to ride one I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Good luck

Thanks for the advice.

There are a few used 250F's around and one dealer has a good deal on a new 2002.

I'm not sure if I should drop the dough on a 03.

I own both, and yes, I to like the 250F. The way I describe the ride difference between the two, for me anyway, is that the 250F LOVES to corner. Harder, faster every time. It begs you to try again, even faster. Where as on the 426, it allows you to go thru the corner, and then wants to be UNLEASHED!!! I love them both. The 250F makes you a better rider, and the 426 is just so easy to be lazy, and still haul ass! But, this is only my opinion. Take it for what it is worth. Maniac

Forget the overrated 250, I highly recommend an Ag100, their a little bit heavier but who cares when you can drill holes in the frame to make it lighter. Even if you don't drill holes in it, who cares if its heavier with all the extra power it has over the competition. The power is so smooth untill you hit the button that says nitro on it, then it wheel stands uncontrollably.

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I too have a nitrous-injected ag100, but I'm only getting 500rwhp. What have you done different to yours...?

Maybe he Hammered a bigger hole for the nitros on his?

Yea, 426 times with a sledge... :)

Here is my 2 cents. I own a 01 426 that i like alot. I wanted a 250f but couldn't find one so i bought the 426. I've ridden the 250f and they are a blast to ride. They are a little down on power but you can still go fast because they corner better than a 426. They are also more fun in the air because you can throw them around like a normal 250. If you race on tracks with long or uphill starts, you will be at a disadvanage. The 250f is more fun and less tiring to ride than the 426, But I love having all of that power of the big bike. If I was in to racing I'd get a 450F. If I was just riding for fun I would get the 250F. Thats just my opinion, hope it helps.

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