How to get rid of Hammer (roids)

isn't it nice to see all traces of this butt blemish disappear of the system when his membership is deleted...?

Thanks Steve and Bryan, it was fun teasing him, but I also realise it is cruel to tease dumb animals... sorry... LOL


Hours of posting on his part, gone with the stroke of a few keys... :)

Look at all the riding time he wasted!!!

Oh well him riding is probably a waste too!

A waste of good dirt when he eats it on those doubles at the track and swallows a mouth full fo Terrafirma!!!!

What a damn waste! :)

did you just delete his current hammer or did you block his email adress from being used in registration or something like that.

Anyway its good news. :)

ahh, now i get it. All of his post were deleted. Cool :)

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