I have heard of people running water and water wetter in their bikes, but on the back of the water wetter bottle, it says that it does not protect magneseum from corrosion(the coolant does run through magneseum, right?). Should I run some antifreeze so it is protected, or is it not that big of a deal? (I always run distilled water) Is the paint that is on the outside of the water pump cover on the inside too? That would prevent corrosin, rght?

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I run 50/50 of AF and Wa-Wa. My buddie across the street runs a cap full or so of wetter Water :)

It is a good idea to place some AF in the system to keep things lubbed, the AF will do this. And from what I understand you can add the WW with the 50 50 mix

I was running whatever came from the dealership in my cooling system and the engine was giving a lot of heat.

My neighbor recommended a couple of cap fulls of water wetter right into the pre-existing mix and boy, it has cooled considerably. Trust me, cooling is important here where sometimes we are riding in 110 degree heat. :)

of all the coolants i tried, the best by far is rotella elc, made by shell, the gasoline company. It is made for heavy duty diesels, its a red coolant made of antifreeze and water mixed 50/50 with some additives. cools very very well, even better than engine ice, and it only costs about 7 bucks a gallon. It has a lifespan of 600,000 miles in a diesel, so that will last a long time in a bike. it keeps all the moving parts in the cooling system (impeller and shaft) lubed, and transfers heat extremely well. It also has a slightly higher boil over point, so you get less fluid loss and boil over. i think it is superior to engine ice, water wetter, maxima coolinol, golden spectro SNO, and all other brands of premixed coolants and additives.


where did ya get the rotella?, i would like to check that out

I thought only the clutch and ignition covers were magnesium. I had water wetter and distilled water only in my YZ for quite some time. I just totally rebuilt the engine and found no damage to any of the cooling system components.

I have tried water wetter, but have switched to Engine Ice--it rocks. I did notice a difference and like the properties of the product--not just a surfactant like ww.

Isnt the right crankcase cover magnesium too? It looks the same, but maybe it is just painted with the same paint.

Originally posted by mxrider426:

Isnt the right crankcase cover magnesium too? It looks the same, but maybe it is just painted with the same paint.

No, the clutch cover is magnesium, but I've lunched that side cover before and it is Al.

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