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Even if he has no real bike, I will be happy to meet him on and do a few laps of MCM2... any track he likes...

He would still be the person who did not win... in other words, still the same old loser...


C'mon guys, a fire can only burn with fuel...... let the loser go........


ooohh aaahh - a grudge match challenge from Ball-pain hammer(roid)... wonder if he will wear his best pink riding gear,? Whose bike is he going to borrow to participate... his kid brothers XR100? Will teeny tiny tack hammer let his bro' borrow the bike...? Hope so, would love to see the hammer(roid) fall on the first lap and be turned into roost next lap...

ROFLMAO at the possibilities...

[ July 03, 2002: Message edited by: yamaha.dude ]


I do not control the content, just the tone of the content... We do live in the west you know... free speech and all that... your name and number is in the public domain - it is not coyrighted as such... no problem with it being up here... and guess what - there is Jack you can do about it...

Feeling a bit nervous now are you now that your little game is not going your way anymore (like it ever was... LOL)

The post with your details is not inflamatory or rude, is not pornographic in nature, and hey, if you read it properly, the guy was 'just kidding'... so I see no reason to edit or delete the post...

Sorry, but if you are going to act like you did, then people are going to get pissed off... you didn't think about the consequences of your actions before you started, did you? LOL

Too late... hammer(roid), you have annoyed too many people...

Sleep well... (LOL)

Don't take any collect calls from people, esp. from faraway places... might forget to hang up the handset... LOL

Maybe now you will just go away and if you do, we will forget about you! maybe... LOL

Hey, just joking!


I think RAT said it all. END of story. By the way RAT if you every get sick of all that sand let me know. We have some real dirt in district 34. We get quite a few guys from south Jersey up here.

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