YZ450F For trails?

Is the YZ450F good for trails? Selling my current bike for a 4-stroke and can get a YZ450F brand new out the door for 5,199$. I am also looking at the DRZ400E. Just wondering about the 450F..I know they have alot of power. Main thing that concerns me is I hear the power on teh YZ450F is really hard hitting. That won't do for me in the trails if it is super hard hitting..my CR doesn't have a hard hit at all. Thanks guys.

The power is great for trails and it all depends on the throttle hand. I ride one in the woods. You will need a flywheel weight. Get new bars, bar guards, and upper tripple. Get a steering damper. You might want to also drop the forks in the clamps and that will get it to turn on a dime.

But on the power issue the bike is a handfull even with flywheel weights but thats what makes it fun.

You will want to have some suspension work done because the bike is set up for MX not trails, but you can still ride it fast with stock suspension.

Look at is this way, its fast,fun,and hits really hard. If you want controlled and boring get a Honda.....

Slappy...... :awww::thumbsup:

A different approach....instead of using flywheel weigh, I did it another way....lower the gearing a little (I added 3 teeth on the rear), a FreePowerNow, P-38 Lightning (if 450's need 'em?) a sligthly lower pilot jet for more lean bottom end, taller/wider bars, hand guards and a bigger tank. As far as suspension, you want to soften it a bit, in my case since the YZ has a great stiff racing suspension for someone up to 160 lbs, my big ass (230lbs) is perfect...just a little fine tuning in the compression dampeners. Dropping the front in the clamp is a good idea, I tried it but eventually went back...just a little to quick for my taste...a steering dampener is good if your doing alot of sand or ruts, one of these days I'm going to get one. You might want to think about disc guards too, and an aluminum front sprocket guard and get rid of the plastic one from Yamaha.

I think its a great trail bike. I changed my bars and put bark busters on before I rode it. I didn't change the gearing at all. I like the way it runs & handles. The best thing you can do is put a 1" taller soft seat on it and lower the pegs. :awww: I also made a tall bar riser. I've ridden several 02,03 & 04 Honda 450's and I wouldn't trade mine for any of them. It's only a handfull if you don't know how to smoothly accelerate. :thumbsup:

I love mine. I wouldn't think of having anything else. I haven't added any weight to the flywheel and it seems to handle everything I throw at it just fine.

Thanks alot guys. That has helped me alot in my decision..and I agree that it will only go as fast as you twist your right wrist..when I got my CR..yes..it scared me..after all I was coming off an XR250R..and going to a CR250R...thats a big difference in horsepower. And I was real easy on the throttle and didn't get in trouble. Now that I am used to it(had it since august of 03)I grab handfuls of throttle..I still respect the power but I know when it comes on and how hard..so I will do the same if I get a YZF450 :awww: And once again,Thanks guys :thumbsup:

Is $5,199 Out The Door a good price? I think it is but just wondering what most are getting there new ones for.

that is a steal, where are you getting that price. I have tons of connects here in SoCAl and the best price I could get is $5300 OTD, the price you are getting will put stick the dealer with approx. a $700 loss. If you guys buy in to the improvements they made for 05, i want to add you to my marketing mailers. JP :thumbsup:

JP,I am going to be getting a new 04 online. Go to www.motorcycle-brokers.com . Go to bottom and click I think its page 9. You will see that it lists the YZ450F at $4,999. They will ship anywhere in the USA fr 200$ so I emailed them to make sure and all that and got a reply and he said "yep 200 is correct..it is a bit higher for quads but you can get the YZF450 for 5,199 OTD". :thumbsup::awww::lol:


450 is great on the trails. Get the 3 gallon tank from Clark industries. The extra gas wieght will slow you down. :thumbsup:

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