crf450 carb on a yzf? tps plug

i know it will work, but if you put one on, is the tps plug the same, or do you just have to run without the tps? i know the crf carb is a 40mm, adn the yzf a 39. a friend of mine did the conversion but i never asked him about the tps.

TPS doesn't matter. Most everyone here runs with it disconnected already.

Well there is 2 things here. First if you want to connect the TPS the plugs may be different. If they are your screwed unless you are really good with electrical. Second is tht TPS is going to be setup for a Honda motor.

I would just leave it disconnected. You'll have added horsepower from the bore size and it will be nice and mellow.

I dont think there are any differences in the TPS itself, maybe the connection would need to be changed. Why do you want to go to a larger carb? More top?

The connectors are different, but are easily changed. Then just set the sensor to the specs given in the manual...or leave it disconnected. I run a RHC modified CRF carb on mine.

Usually most throttle positon sensors have a reference voltage to the sensor (usually 5 or 12 volts) a ground and a signal return to the computer or ignition's a potentiometer. You can check the resistances of the 2 sensors and see if they are similar at the same throttle positions. And if so solder the wires of the yz plug on the crf carb. In the end it would probably be better to keep it disconnected.

You don't have to solder the wires...just remove the individual wires from the connector and reinstall them in the other one. The sensors are the same, just the plugs are different.

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