WR 400's "Chugability" - WR Novice

I don't know much about the WR, (I currently ride a kx250) but I'm looking for a more trail oriented bike. I was wondering what the bottom end of these bikes is like. Is it similar to an xr400? I like to rip but I also like to be able to putt/chug up steep techincal trails without worrying about stalling out. Could the WR400 be my ticket? Thanks.

I have a '99 wr400 and love to do that type of riding. It works great. Mine does have a 6oz. flywheel weight which helps. I know what you mean though. I love to explore around, and sometimes that means coming around a corner and heading straight up a hill with no starting speed. I havn't stalled out yet. As long as I keep the samllest bit of gas on she keeps chuggin'. :thumbsup:

That is "SMALLEST" bit of gas... :thumbsup:

I love the WR for it's ability to climb hills at pretty well any speed. One of my favorite things in the woods is to stop mid-way on a hill that's stopping the 2-smokes, asking if they need any help, and then pulling away uphill. It's great :thumbsup: Mind you I've dropped a tooth on the front and gone up 2 on the back and the trade-off is that my top speed has been limited. For where I ride, it's all climbing and very little WFO. A flywheel weight would make things even better.

'00 in Calgary

Very Chugable. You'll love the bottom on this bike.

Awesome! Thanks guys - I'll be watching the classifieds.

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