Hammer, I know you're reading this...

First of all, we are all flattered that you've gone to such great lengths to re-register multiple times, so that you can post your meaningful comments to the 4-stroke world. This shows us how much you really care about us here at TT and I personally thank you on behalf of our nearly 11,000 loyal members.

On a more serious note, it you continue to re-register and harrass the community, my technical guys will hunt down the contact info for your internet service provider (easily done) and I will personally make a complaint about how you are using their gateway to the web. In my experience with ISP's, they very much frown upon this and I'm confident that they'll just turn your account off. This is not meant to be a threat in any way. I just want to give you the opportunity to be the big man here and walk away without incidence. If you don't make my life any more difficult that it already is, I won't make yours difficult. Cool?

Happy 4th of July...


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