Let it go

I've have been using this site for a while now, and have usually recieved great mechanical info. The past few months have been more complaining, muscle flexing, and insult throwing than anything else. Let's let this stuff go and use this wonderful site for what it's for. If I want to hear someone bitching I can always go hang out with my old girlfriend.

I second that. Reminds me of a bunch of kids that need a spanking. Hammer needs to go to the corner. :)

Third that, motion carried!!!



I have been saying this for some time now. It is always the same players involved, now I just ignore their posts.

sixth seventh eight and ninth it

I usually ignore everyone :)

Yep, things were inocently funny until, some peeps (u know the pros, eh eh) started takin stuff way to seariously and gettin a little jelous when others got the laughs, then the funny guys whos posts you enjoyed reading got hammered.

Now things are way to dull, cuz one kid had to cry and so everyone had to go home, dahm it. :)

I 10th it I usually ignore the bashing also. I'm happy someone said something thank you discopete. I come to this site to give and recieve good tips and other peoples experiences with various parts setups etc., and also to chat with some fine people that i have something in comon with. I hate to sound corney but no mater what color bike someone is sitting on, 2 wheels or 4, pro or beginner, what difference does it make, when it comes down to it were all the same we just love to ride and tinker with are bikes. Presently I run 02 yz426 myself and I love it but before this I've rode cr's, rm's, kx's, xr's and my first bike my little slow but reliable 85 dr100 tell you the truth I wish I never got ride of it for sentimental reasons, It was the first bike I ever rode and the first I ever owned I didn't even buy it I found in front of someones house on garbage day rang the door bell and told me to take it. Every thing on that bike was jig rigged I mean everything for example it had bicycle brake levers on it for the brake

and clutch, missing kick starter, a hole in the side of the case that was fixed with some quick steel never leeaked a drop either ironic, even caught on fire once and melted half the air box which i never replaced In fact I never replaced anything on it if it broke I would either not fix it or jig rig it except for changing the oil and an ocasional spark plug, Sorry I rambeling on so long but I was just reminising to much more inocent and simple times, ecspecially those times with that bike because I found with my long time best friend who has somewhat turned astray to a groop of people who are slowely bringing him down in pretty much all ways. I miss those days. But now for the mean time Love my 02 YZ426 It's decently sooped up and I only weigh 160 so it hauls extra ass and is also pretty good in the handeling and braking department. Once again sorry it was so lengthy.

Wow, someone's been digging deep in the archives..... After looking at all those usernames, I couldn't help think "Whatever happened to?....."

I agree. Most people are helpful on here, but there are still some who love to flame everybody. Lets just all get along. :applause:

Wow, someone's been digging deep in the archives.....
Why is it almost always the newbies that do that?

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