Can anyone tell me what stock tire sizes are front and rear for a 1993 XR600R ?

Im going to order a set of Dunlop 606's , anyone know the best place to order tires from ???


Front 80/100 - 21

Rear 110/100 - 18 :thumbsup:

dennis kirk will beat everyone's price, including shipping. go for the 120/90-18 rear, won't be too big and just perfect for that bike.

Thanks guys. I ordered them from Rocky Mountain today !!! :devil: Only one 18 inch size in the Dunlop 606 available, so thats what I got. What impressed me was the lady on the phone really knew her stuff, all the numbers in the sizes meant, and explained the differences to me (as opposed to the stock tire) The prices were awesome also :thumbsup:

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